5 Clever Ways to Reduce the Monday Blues


So it was Friday, you blinked, and now it is Monday again (insert grumble here).  Not to worry, there are ways to make Mondays a little more palatable. Check out my top 5 tips to transform Mondays into your (almost) favorite day of the week.

1. Stop whining about the fact that it is Monday.

Humans have literally created the concept of time and days of the week. Just that fact alone should help you realise that you are complaining about something that is completely MADE UP! Insert happy dance here and carry on.


2. Pack yourself a 10/10 lunch

Remember when you were a kid and the lunches your mum packed you were the Best. Thing. EVER! Well the fact that it was Sunday yesterday means that you have had the time to create something almost as good. Forget the cold meat sandwiches. Mix it up with some culinary delights that will get you screaming… I LOVE MONDAYS! For recipe inspo, head on over to Green Goodness Co and download their Winter warmer guide.


3. Try something new

We live in a world of exciting innervation and opportunities. Nothing gets the brain more turned on then trying something new and interesting. This could be as simple as taking an alternate route to work (calm down crazy), trying out something that gets your blood pumping like The Jungle Body or getting involved in something a little more riskayy! Beer yoga anyone?!



‘Boo-Zee-Yin yogis’ in action. Picture: Danella Bevis



4. Exercise first thing in the morning

Give those happy hormones a much needed kick up the rear by working out first thing in the morning. This is a great way to set the tone for the week and increase  serotonin in your brain.  In fact, 30 minutes of exercise a day is equivalent to taking an anti-depressant pill. What a way to boost your happy meter!


5. Invest in a Monday morning ritual

Get out the affirmation cards, journal, lather yourself in essential oils, practice long slow breathing. The key here is to not rush through the Monday morning panic. Take your time and indulge a little.

My go to essential oils: Equivalence Mind Body Soul

Jacinta Di Prinzio