3 Ways to Keep Allergies at Bay Without Medication


Spring has well and truly sprung, and with the warm weather finally starting to lift it’s weary head, we are reminded that Summer is around the bend once more. With beez a buzzn’ and flowers a bloomn’ it is hard not to grateful… unless of course you suffer from allergies. For 18% of Australians, allergies can be a real buzzzz kill (pardon the pun) and while everyone else is starting to enjoy the great outdoors, you are just simply trying to stifle the sniffle.

If you are an allergy sufferer, it can be hard to find lasting relief… particularly relief that is not medication based.

But natural relief may be more obtainable than you think.

Besides looking at what could be causing your allergies in your household,  diet can also be very effective. Here are 3 health tips that could get you started towards easing those pesky allergies. Lovingly provided by Cara Little from Pure Home Body.

1. Food

If you’re one to suffer from seasonal spring allergies, the best way to relieve your symptoms is through food. There are a number of natural and organic foods which are packed with antibodies to help fight off those pesky allergies. Let’s start off with a few of our favourites:

Fermented Foods
Get a good does of prebiotic and probiotic foods into you. Nourishing the bowel and treating your gut health is a first step to helping ease your immune system.

Add some pineapples into your fruit quota for the day and you’ll be doing your body a lot of good! Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples which helps to reduce your reaction to seasonal allergies. Plus, it’s packed with vitamins B and C to keep you feeling good.

Apple cider vinegar
Enjoy one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your water each morning before breakfast to flush the immune system and support lymphatic drainage.

Healthy Oils
Good omega oils found in Fish can help reduce inflammation in the body and provide a protective nourishing layer to the skin benefiting not only those that suffer Hayfever but those that develop skin allergies. Coconut Oil is a powerful antinflammatory and good rich source of nutrients for the skin applied both topically and eaten. The humble Avocado is also another nourishing food that provide beautiful oils to help protect the skin.

2. Supplements

If your body needs a little more attention during allergy season, try a daily supplement which will curb those symptoms and make them a little more bearable.

Just one teaspoon of spirulina each day stops the release of histamine which causes main symptoms of allergies such as a congested nose and a dry, itchy throat.

A daily dose of zinc targets adrenal failure, plus it’s a bonus if you suffer from chronic stress at the same time.

3. Essential oils

Finally, treat your symptoms with soothing essential oils which are fantastic for the mind, body and spirit. Depending on the severity of your allergy symptoms, you can choose to apply them topically, use a diffuser, or take them internally.

Some of the most popular essential oils for allergies include lavender, lemon, peppermint and basil oil.

Jacinta Di Prinzio