10 Tips to Survive Your Next Detox


The body is an amazing thing. Always trying it’s best to keep up with the barrage of harmful toxins that it is exposed to on a daily basis. Although the body will naturally detox by itself, sometimes the stress of life out ways the bodies ability to keep up. I believe doing a structured detoxification protocol alongside the advice of a qualified health professional is absolutely necessary if you want to be at your best.

Sometimes the symptoms of detoxification however, can be less then desirable. Which is why I have lovingly provided my top 10 tips to survive your next detox.


1. Drink Water

Stating the obvious here. But the very best thing to do to assist the bodies natural detoxification process is to drink lots and lots of water! Enough so that your urine is clear by 11am.


2. Do a Coffee Enema

You might not be able to drink it but you can still put it up your bum! Enemas work wonders in helping the body eliminate any stagnant waste.


3. Use a Poop Stool

We have evolved to poop whilst squatting, so our colons are not shaped to sit on toilets! Ensuring that your knees are above your hips when going for a number 2. That way you can unsure you are squeezing out every last bit of toxicity (sorry).


4. Breathe

Did you know that our cells use oxygen for energy and eliminate carbon dioxide as their waste product? If you want to get the detox process happening at a cellular level simple breathe. I suggest 7 rounds of 7.

Breathe in for 7 – Hold for 7 – Breathe out for 7 – Hold for 7 – Repeat 7 times!


5. Try Colonics

Just in case you haven’t realised how important it is  to get that sh*t out of you when detoxing, you really need to make sure that your colon in clean. Over the years, plaque can build up through the digestive tract. If this is the case, then your body will resorb toxins back into the blood stream. Colonics is a fantastic way to clean your pipes top to toe and reset your system. I suggest the holistic hydro therapists at Havana Wellness.


6. Invest in a Body Brush

When detoxing, your lymphatic system will be getting a workout. Body brushing is a beautiful, natural way to gently massage the lymph system, aid circulation and help mobilise stagnant toxic fat.


7. Avoid Meat

Give your digestive tract a much needed rest during this repair process by avoiding animal protein. Your body uses a lot of energy to break down meat. Opt for cold pressed juices and a raw diet instead.


8. Sweat

As your body starts to eliminate toxins through your skin, you may begin to smell. Instead of suppressing this process and blocking your pores with antiperspirant, support your body instead through sweating.  This can be achieved through gentle exercise, infra red saunas and hot/cold therapy.


9. Practice Yoga

Yoga is a beautiful way to support your body whilst it is going through the detoxification process. Many poses will help aid digestion and elimination. I suggest something restorative such as Yin or Kundalini yoga. The lovely yogis at Spanda Yoga School have lots of free classes to support you during this time.


10. Prepare Well

If you haven’t started your detox just yet, it is smart to prepare you body NOW. This will help avoid symptoms such as headaches, nausea and fatigue. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed sugars and coffee is vital. Now would be a great time to increase your water intake also.


Good luck and happy detoxing!

Jacinta Di Prinzio