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Hi! I'm Dr Jacinta Di Prinzio ... But you can call me Dr J (I know it's a mouthful).

  I help modern beauties just like you heal holistically so that you can be in the drivers seat of your own health,  tune in to your mind & body and  THRIVE in this fast past world.

My obsession for holistic health started when I consistently saw woman struggling with negative self talk, emotional blockages and overwhelm that was impacting their ability to PHYSICALLY feel well.

Many of them suffered with chronic headaches, pain, digestive and hormonal imbalances and postural problems that they found super tricky to kick. The worst part was they had no idea what to do about it!


So I decided that I would put on my super woman cape and dedicate my life to helping these lovely ladies, heal from the inside out, break free from stress and overwhelm and help them optimise their mind and body  so they can experience the true VITALITY & FREEDOM they deserve! And ... I know this is possible for you too!

Although I would class myself as a spiritual nerd I do indeed have some shiny qualifications under my belt. As an Integrative Chiropractor and shared director at Open Space Healing, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Personal trainer with 11 years experience in the health and wellness industry, I have worked with over 500 ambitious women to help them heal from the inside out, naturally, using a complete mind, body and soul approach with a generous amount of science thrown in.

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one-on-one consultations

Who says you can't be a successful, busy, working class woman and be at the top of your health game too! If you are truly ready to make a change to your health in a big way that LASTS book me for a one-on -one Chiropractic consultation.



I love creating inspiring and informative content regularly! Keep up to date with the latest information regarding all things healing, motivation, mind/body connection and holistic health hacks that actually work!


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